After visuals, consumers focus on the copy and so it’s essential you get this right. Our behavioural copy product enhances brand messaging by using real behavioural insights to create an emotional connection with consumers. Read on to learn how we can help your brand to capture your target audience’s attention using behavioural science.

What is Behavioural Copy? 

Behavioural copy is when you enhance your copy using behavioural insights such as behavioural biases and heuristics. This allows brands to tailor their messaging based on their target audience’s true behaviour which helps increase effectiveness because the copy is written in a way that actually resonates with them. As a result, this ensures your copy is working harder to make ad spend go further. 

Our behavioural copy offering can be relevant for any project where text is used to persuade customers to take a desired action. Let it be optimising ad copy persuading customers to purchase a product or enhancing website copy aimed at getting customers sign up to a newsletter.

How does Behavioural Copy work?

We take a layered approach which includes considering the goal of the activity, context of the experiment (e.g. channel), insights around the product, the category and the audience. This is then reviewed by our behavioural insights experts to select the most suited behavioural insight for testing​. Once selected, we run a series of practical experiments to see which behavioural insight performs the best for your target audience. Next, we use these insights to optimise or create ad copy to run in your campaigns before measuring the behavioural copy compared to generic copy to understand performance.

How can our Behavioural Copy help your business:

1. Gain a deeper understanding of your audience At Behave, we help you to understand who your audience really are. Behavioural copy helps to capture insights so we can understand what types of messaging the target audience resonates with.

2. Improves the performance of your activity  – Writing in a way that your audience resonates with has proven results such as increasing clicks, conversions, purchases and exceeding KPIs

3. Understand the differences between your audiences and markets – We run the same tests across different markets and audience segments to help brands learn the differences between the various groups they’re trying to target. This allows marketers to adapt their messaging to specific audiences to improve effectiveness.

4. Informs your long-term strategy – We use a test and learn framework to understand which copy, based on what behavioural insight, performs the best. This can be used to inform all future messaging. For example, if your audience resonates best with copy that targets social proof, then all future marketing strategies can be formed around this behavioural heuristic.

5. Helps brands to stand out from the crowd – Making your copy stand out is the key to success. Tailoring copy to your specific target audience is a great way of capturing their attention and drawing them to your brand over competitors. This is particularly important for small businesses or those in a competitive market who are looking to grow their brand.

Why choose Behave?

We are experts in behaviour. Our vast array of research services allows us to dive into the data to discover real behavioural insights that can be used to inform your copywriting. We have a strong track record in crafting best-in-class copy to ensure your copy isn’t just noticed, but engaged with.

For example, we reduced Fred Olsen’s CPA (cost per click) by 53% by tailoring ad copy towards behavioural heuristics, meaning we reached double the conversion target with half of the budget. Similarly, we increased MINI’s CTR (click through rate) by 18% by making ad copy more direct and concise based on the principles of cognitive fluency. Whatever the KPI, business challenge or brand category, behavioural copy can be the answer to improving campaign results.

By pairing together Behavioural Copy with our audience segmentation product, Tribes, we can get a detailed understanding of your audience to allow further tailoring of the ad copy, making the interaction with customers more memorable and impactful.

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