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Behave’s unique audience segmentation solution, Tribes, helps brands better understand their audiences to improve effectiveness and drive greater results. Read on to learn what Tribes is and how it can help grow your business. 

What is Tribes? 

Tribes is our industry-leading audience segmentation solution. We help brands to understand their ‘true’ audience – those who are actively willing to engage with their products and services. Therefore, businesses can focus their marketing efforts on those who are more willing to convert, thereby avoiding ad wastage and gaining a better return on investment. This allows for a more targeted, data led-approach to identifying audiences to help brands better understand their consumers, who they are and what influences them, which can inform marketing initiatives and overall business strategies. 

How can Tribes help your business?

  1. Earn market-share from clear-cut audiences – Narrowing down your audience allows you to place your brand right in the hands of your target consumer. This can help you to grow market-share because you are cutting through the noise and going straight to those interested in your services, rather than getting lost targeting a broad, generic audience.
  2. Drive brand and acquisition objectives – Audience segmentation can help you to achieve brand and acquisition objectives by enabling you to grow both your consumer pool and the business as a whole.
  3. Inform comms planning – The insights gathered from our TRIBES research can reveal what messaging resonates most with your audience, which can change the way you communicate with them. This can lead to greater engagement as you are interacting with your audience based on how they are best influenced, which can encourage them to complete an action like buying a product.
  4. Boost consumer growth, whilst increasing ROI – Ad budgets can be tight. Our audience segmentation solution makes your marketing budget work harder by growing your audience, whilst increasing your return on investment, to drive quicker returns.
  5. Positively shift your business strategy – The learnings taken from our audience segmentation research can not only be used to inform marketing strategies, but overall business objectives. Understanding your audience can help shift the direction of your brand strategy by aligning with their values, interests and behaviour. 

How does our audience segmentation solution work?

We integrate advanced segmentation and profiling capabilities with behavioural science to bring true target audiences to life. Using the following three types of data we can begin to build an in-depth view of what your audience looks like:

  • Panel data: Correspondence mapping and statistical clustering on prospect category consumers.
  • Social data: Natural language processing and community mapping of users linked to direct or adjacent brand interactions and interest.
  • First-party data (e.g. CRM data): Data enrichment to unlock audiences that sits within the brand’s database/current consumer pools.

This comprehensive research will be completed over the course of 4 – 5 weeks to provide you with first-rate audience insights and practical business solutions.

Why choose Behave?

Our audience segmentation product is unique. Unlike other market solutions, we take a layered approach which provides a robust view of your audience. Instead of creating a hypothesis of your audience based on one data set, we use three layers of data to create a true picture of your audience, who they are and how they behave. This rich behavioural data equips brands with a 360 degree view of who their target audience really are and how to reach them, which can help marketers to create more effective, targeted campaigns that drive greater sales and conversions. 

Improve your audience targeting today!

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