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Our specialist team at Behave provide comprehensive service drawn from our wealth of knowledge and understanding of quantitative research. This involves a combination of services including questionnaire and survey design with consultation, right through to actionable insights and recommendations.

In order to offer the most compelling and relevant services, we offer a range of quantitative surveys, which include: propensity modelling surveys, creative testing, brand trackers, as well as bespoke surveys.

Propensity modelling surveys

Propensity modelling surveys are a valuable insight into better understanding and predicting precise customer behaviour. This is done through understanding the correlation of customer characteristics with anticipated behaviours. Its success is underpinned by the quality of your customer data and how effectively this is segmented. In this case, propensity modelling surveys will track buying/ usage habits that will allow the identification of audiences that represent the strongest sales value. This is done by modelling their propensity to trail a product or service, together with their frequency of consumption or usage.

The outcome of these results allow you to develop a far more successful, long term sales strategy that is able to respond to growth opportunities with pro-active cross-selling and upselling campaigns.

Creative testing

Creative testing surveys are a way in which you are able to find the most appealing advertisements that contain the best combination of image and copy, to help you reach and engage a perceptive audience. These surveys are able to measure the effectiveness of creative assets or brand messaging by stacking these up against key metrics. These involve; appeal, consideration, brand perceptions and associations that will help you achieve your desired ad results.

Brand trackers

Brand tracking is a useful way to continuously measure the health of a brand, which includes both consumer usage of it and also what they think about it. Opinion on a brand can fluctuate at different times thus tracking will allow you to proactively track changes and metrics over time and see what’s driving any improvements.

Measuring brand health consists of focusing on key metrics such as brand awareness, usage, consideration, ad awareness etc. that helps you to understand the commercial value of your brand and optimise your strategy to get more from your brand. Strong brand tracking will supply an authoritative read of a brand’s progress and help diagnose changes that will deliver improvement.


An understanding of question architecture and survey logic is vital to design a questionnaire that not only flows well in the eyes of the respondent, but also encompasses the key research considerations and aims for our client.  Our team here at Behave utilises all of our research backgrounds to design unbiased and valid questions, and structure the questionnaire in a logical and strategic manner.

At Behave we understand the importance of reaching the correct audience whilst also achieving relevant and robust samples. Therefore, we offer target audiences builds based on demographics, attitudes and behaviours whilst collaborating with our panel. We work with partners to ensure we obtain the optimal sample that we can carry out thorough testing on and rely on them to deliver strong participant engagement in the field.

When it comes to results, we provide our clients with key takeaways and actionable recommendations that come with full results reports and an interactive dashboard. The dashboard capabilities allow for the data to be cut by different subpopulations and unearth valuable insights that might not be obvious at face value.

Delving into data and results is something we thrive in doing here at Behave. By putting these results through a behavioural lens, we pull out true insights that can correctly be applied and implemented into your business.

For more information about Quantitative Research and how we can help your business,  please email enquiries@behave.co.uk.

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