We understand that investing significant brand spend can come with its risks, but we can help reduce this risk by determining whether your brand spend will pay back or not. Our robust Modelling product combines the latest data with media insights to help gather invaluable performance metrics that can inform both your current and future marketing activity. Read on to learn what modelling is and how it can help grow your business.

What is Modelling? 

Modelling is an analysis technique designed to factor in media performance and industry data to understand how an output i.e. sales or conversions, is influenced. These models can then be used to create scenarios to optimise planning and budget setting.

How does Modelling work?

Our modelling product is a two phase process:

Phase one : Taking a collaborative approach, we decide on how best to build the model based on the data collected as well as taking a deep dive into your business needs.

Phase two : Implement the model by running activity and measuring the results. We then update the model norms and outputs based on the performance metrics to ensure it’s working as hard as possible. The model can then be used to inform budget decisions and help select which activity to run, which starts the cycle all over again.

How can Modelling help your business:

1. Understand when to invest – Our insights provide you with informed recommendations on whether to invest significant brand spend in a market and the payback from this, helping to remove much of the risk when it comes to investing.

2. Drive business growth – We can use the model to forecast different scenarios and strategies for growing and to inform if and when you should adopt different approaches, including brand spend. 

3. Gain marketing insights based on performance metrics – Modelling helps you to understand how changes in performance in different parts of the funnel and marketing plan impacts overall performance.

4. Use insights to inform future optimisations – Modelling provides key measurement metrics across all parts of the funnel to understand what has over and under performed. This helps us to build a clear picture of what needs to improve going forward.

Why choose Behave?

We are experienced in modelling for brand and acquisition clients. We use a mixture of granular client data and market norms, combined with a range of inhouse norms and publicly available data to help feed the model. This in-depth approach based on a wide variety of data points helps us to build a robust model that delivers real business growth. By accruately forecasting performance for an entertainment brand we were able to get buy in from the Financial Director, helping unlocking extra budget for the next year and grow the business. 

We have already helped a number of clients model their performance, spanning various industries from the financial to the media sector, and can help grow your business too. 

Build a model today!

If you think modelling will help drive your business growth then contact us today or email enquiries@behave.co.uk. We will arrange an initial workshop to deep dive into your brand and understand your specific business needs in order to build an effective modelling solution. 

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