brand tracking

Our specialist team at Behave have strong expertise in running brand health trackers that measure a brand’s overall health by using key competitors as industry benchmarks. Using these tracking methods allow for invaluable foresight to develop and execute marketing strategies with confidence by providing information on the changing consumer landscape and competitor information.

Here at Behave, we provide this brand tracking for a range of different categories by reporting on the following metrics:

  •       Brand awareness
  •       Brand usage
  •       Brand consideration
  •       Brand intention
  •       Brand ad awareness
  •       Brand associations

Brand tracking surveys are designed by our team of quantitative research specialists who collaborate with clients to ensure all questions, queries and thoughts are answered by the research collated. This also provides the opportunity to design bespoke questions that address specific areas of interest that are relevant to the brand itself and also within the category they sit in.

To ensure we are staying on top of trends, see what is driving improvements and gain a complete picture of the brands, we often run brand trackers quarterly throughout the year. This also helps us to analyse performance compared to competitors.

At Behave, we collaborate with our clients and research partners to obtain an optimal and robust audience sample for the brand tracker, in order to reach the most relevant and receptive audience for our clients. Our research partners deliver thorough testing throughout all stages of the tracker and ensure strong respondent engagement in field.

All information that is found within these surveys is relayed to our client to provide as much optimal data as possible. This is formed into a full research report that is delivered at every stage, comparing the brands performance to the benchmarks set as well as previous research stages. This provides us with a comprehensive view on how the brand’s health has changed over the time and ultimately, how the industry itself has evolved.

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