Behave’s comprehensive Behavioural Workshop helps brands to understand how their audience really think, feel and act. Read on to learn what a Behavioural Workshop is and how it can help your business to drive sustainable growth.

What is a Behavioural Workshop? 

A Behavioural Workshop uncovers how your audience truly behaves. We can’t rely on how consumers perceive their behaviour because we exist in a world where people act in unexpected, irrational and unpredictable ways. Therefore, we need to move beyond claimed behaviour and understand the subconscious motivations and actions around your brand and category in order to form truly effective strategies and business solutions.

How does it work?

Following an extensive deep dive into your brand or category challenges we produce two outputs:

1. Behavioural Audit – Our Research Diagnostics specialists will take elements from the initial discussion and highlight the key challenges to address. These insights will then shape the Behavioural Workshop as we begin to brainstorm solutions.

2. Behavioural Workshop –  During an immersive session we work with clients to diagnose results and co-create initial solutions. We then apply our expert knowledge of behavioural frameworks, behavioural biases and learnings from behavioural case studies to generate actionable insights.

How can our Behavioural Workshop help your business:

1. Gain a deeper understanding of your audience – As humans we have difficulty recalling our true behaviour, either because we can’t remember or because we want to paint ourselves in a more positive light. Therefore, brands could be basing their business strategies on skewed results. At Behave, we use our extensive knowledge and inhouse resources to see how your audience actually behave to form a greater picture of who they are, how they act and what resonates with them.

2. Develop actionable insights – Audience insights are not useful if you can’t apply them. We help you to develop solutions based on the insights gathered within our Behavioural Workshop. This allows brands to leave the session with real, tangible learnings that can be applied to their business strategy.

3. Positively shift business direction – You may have been thinking about your audience in the completely wrong way. Once you understand who they really are you can pivot your business strategy to target them more effectively and drive greater, long-lasting results.

4. Solve complex business challenges – Our unique Behavioural Workshop is an opportunity to diagnose and discuss any business or category challenges. We then apply a behavioural framework to solve these pressure points using behavioural science.

5. Identify areas for growth – Behavioural insights can not only be used to transform current marketing strategies, but reveal potential new areas of growth that you may have never considered.

Why choose Behave?

Other market solutions typically rely on claimed behaviour and a range of data, but lack actionable insights. At Behave, we have developed a solution that layers behavioural science with the latest behavioural techniques and in-house diagnostics to go beyond what consumers are willing to tell us, and instead, understand how they really feel and act. 

We power this approach with behavioural science frameworks to understand cognitive biases and the broad range of influences on consumer behaviour. By utilising our extensive behavioural science knowledge and respective tech stack, we are one step ahead of consumers, and can help businesses to grow sustainably in an increasingly difficult market. 

Understand how your audience truly behaves today!

If your business is facing brand or category challenges then contact us today or email Our Behavioural Workshop could be the key to unlocking actionable insights and business solutions. By understanding your audience and how they really behave you can pivot to a more effective business strategy that targets their true behaviour to drive greater results.

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