Human behaviour: it’s irrational, unpredictable, multifaceted and difficult to fully grasp without going beyond demographic, socio-economics profiles and claimed behaviour. Our specialist team at Behave utilise a number of behavioural science theories, tools and techniques to examine the science behind human behaviour. In a nutshell: re-humanizing humans.

Analysing human behaviour

This comes to life by building a fully-fledged view of audiences – what they feel, what they think and what they do. Having established it as a core foundation of audience understanding, we combine a set of machine learning technologies with social data to gather insight into a target audience’s actual behaviour. With access to millions of active social profiles, we identify your target audience segments and dive into historic data to capture key insights into consumer behaviour.

Natural language understanding

We use natural language understanding technology to inform personality analysis. The tech allows us to investigate sentence structure and form sentiment scores around the topics and themes that the audience associates with your brand. This, in turn, helps us to identify strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats.

Audience segmentation strategy

We dive into behavioural and psychographic factors that differentiate each target group and shape a uniquely tailored segmentation strategy around the findings.

Overlaying technologies

In increasingly competitive markets shaped by the evolving tech landscape, a traditional audience understanding only provides half the picture. We use panel data to overlay social data and deep-dive further into passion points, but the foundation is built from actual interactions with people and entities, and the application of machine learning to aggregate millions of data points and cluster people based on their behaviour.

Realtime results

We also track an audience, a brand or a keyword in real-time to ensure that the audience-brand fit is as robust as possible and constantly updated in line with market changes. This also includes the fluctuating emotions of the audience and the press around your brand or topics in real-time.

What we will deliver

Our team provides actionable, go-to-market recommendations through presentations, reports, persona packs and dashboards. Through this we can leverage our behavioural science expertise and technologies to dissect your audience,  with the below being some example outcomes you can expect to utilise for your business:

  • Trusted brands
  • Favoured influencers
  • Interest categories
  • Media affinities
  • Content engagement
  • Personality profile
  • Buying mind-set
  • Needs and values
  • Awareness, perception and emotional valence around your brand

This all feeds into a comprehensive and robust understanding of your consumer’s behaviour and fortifying your brand in today’s landscape. By re-humanizing humans, the Behave team will closely work with you towards shaping your marketing strategy and meeting your business objectives.

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