Decisions, decisions, decisions…

With more choice than ever, how can you help your audience navigate through the consumer journey to make your brand the one they choose? Through understanding the paradox of choice and strategically applying behavioural science, the stress associated with decision making can be avoided.

Making a choice can be stressful, so much so that if it becomes too onerous we are likely to make no choice at all. In our third podcast, author of The Choice Factory, Richard Shotton, and Total Media’s Head of Behavioural Planning, Will Hanmer‐Lloyd identify why a lot of choice isn’t always an good thing and demonstrate how brands such as Waterstones and American Apparel subtly applied tactics backed by behavioural science, such as social proof, to help their audiences navigate through the consumer journey.

Listen to Richard & Will dig into applications of behavioural science to simplify the cognitive effort required by consumers to make a choice.

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