choosing a brand at the supermarket

45% of consumer decisions get made as a result of habits. It’s a new year and new decade, and with the time-honoured tradition of starting the year with new habits, we are also kicking off 2020 with a new habit. The launch of our new behavioural science podcast series.

In our first episode, we discuss the power of habits in behavioural science. We are joined by the author of The Choice Factory, Richard Shotton, and Total Media’s Head of Behavioural Planning, Will Hanmer-Lloyd.

In this podcast, you’ll find out the importance of forming habits in consumer behaviour and how the use of habit-forming techniques on your target audience can be the key to the success of your product or service.

Listen in to Richard & Will dig into this application of behavioural science, and learn how the power of habits can make your brand the default choice in consumers’ minds.

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