‘Absolutely NO rhythm’ Strictly dancer hilariously scores Theresa May’ (Express)

‘Theresa May shocks audience by dancing on stage to ‘Dancing Queen’ before conference speech’ (Telegraph)

‘Why was Theresa May dancing? And did it work?’ (BBC)

There has been much discussion about Theresa May’s ‘Dancing Queen’ entrance at the Tory conference speech.

People quickly took to social media describing their feelings, whether that be confusion, anger, joy, or all of the above. But how did you really feel when you watched this?

This became a talking point at Behave, and led to us wanting to find out our colleagues true feelings towards this, and not just what they may think they feel from previous biases in politics and towards Theresa May.

At Behave we are able to do this by using biometrics testing, which measures Eye Tracking (where the viewer is looking), Facial Mapping (what emotion the viewer is expressing), and Galvanic Skin Response (sweat) measuring the intensity of the emotion. By using these three trackers, we are able to gauge what people are really feeling and the exact moments our emotions are heightened.

Phill Palmer - Head of Research and Insight

Author:Phill Palmer - Head of Research and Insight

Phill is responsible for creating behavioural products and approaches to deliver actionable insights into human behaviour. These approaches feature technologies such as biometrics, psycholinguistics and emotionally informed natural language understanding.