we drive sustainable growth by understanding people

For too long businesses have had to make do with understanding their audiences using flawed research rooted in claimed behaviour. Yet when only 53% of our decisions reflect our intentions, it is no wonder traditional research on its own offers little insight in finding effective routes for companies to grow.

Enter behave! We have developed an approach to provide high quality, actionable insights. Not enormous reports with ambiguous or indecipherable outcomes but tangible, action-oriented business solutions based on connecting findings from applied behavioural science with specific changes organisations can do that will make a difference.

areas behave can help through actionable business solutions

how to identify and define your consumers

We identify which part of the market you should operate in and measure the size of the opportunity. This will help you prioritise resources and plan budgets.

how you are perceived by the market

We help you understand and change the perception of your brand within your market. We make it our job to know what you need to do to be more attractive to consumers.

how your consumers behave

By understanding consumers’ actual behaviour, we help you refine your messaging and marketing investment. This will help create longer-term value in your business.

how to discover new consumers

We identify how to find new customers as this is often the most effective way to drive net growth in your organisation.

how to communicate better

We deliver actionable insights to help you communicate effectively with your consumers. This helps maximise the return on your marketing investment.

how to influence behaviour

By understanding what people do, rather than just what they say, we help you influence their behaviour. We help you deliver better return on investment and drive growth within your organisation.