quantitative research

Utilising our deep understanding of quantitative research, we offer questionnaire design through to practical recommendations across a range of surveys including; propensity modelling, creative testing, brand trackers and bespoke surveys.


brand tracking

Brand tracking surveys are designed by our team of quantitative research specialists. We measure a brand’s overall health using key competitors as industry benchmarks.


behavioural nudges

We actively conduct original research projects to continuously test theories and quantitatively demonstrate the effectiveness of the nudges, enabling us to develop recommendations relevant to each business case based off of a vast selection of nudges and desired outcomes.

behavioural nudges


Our biometrics offering allows us to capture unbiased attentional, emotional and physiological reactions to a stimulus by analysing predictive eye tracking, GSR, and facial recognition.


Comms planning

We can help identify the key problems or restraints your business has and provide some clarity to your challenges through our comms planning.

communication planning

Audience insights

By overlaying audience insights with our specialist technology, we can fully understand your target audience and their actual behaviour, and apply these findings to your business.

Audience insights

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