After a long series of lockdowns, we are at the start of a transition into yet another unchartered life scenario, impacting the office-working middle class in particular, as offices, retail and hospitality open up and consumers begin to experience what the hybrid life of work and home will look and feel like.  For brands, this means a whole new set of consumer behaviours, attitudes and occasions to cater to.

Behavioural science research suggests that these moments of change are golden opportunities for brands to take advantage of, and with new habits taking between 3-6 months to form, brands have a chance to act now to disrupt and entrench new consumer habits before competitors do.

The importance of integrated strategic thinking from media and creative cannot be overemphasised, and in this recorded webinar our head of strategy, Will Hanmer-Lloyd and Josh Tilley, senior strategist at Initials, discuss how brands can capitalise on this, covering:

  • How brands can strategise to win the consumer in flux, securing a place in their new purchasing habits and lifestyles
  • How the new WFH / office hybrid will impact: convenience, subscription and food brands
  • How cooking, food delivery, social occasions and leisure time will evolve

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