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As part of our employee consulting services, we have developed our employee experience solution, Reveal–EX™, which addresses today’s most pressing challenges and drives growth.

Reveal–EX™ was born from the realisation that companies are constantly facing a storm of employee challenges, such as hybrid working, talent retention, productivity and innovation, organisational resilience and growth, and culture (and consumer duty, for financial services). These challenges often prompt costly and disjointed responses, perpetuating a never-ending cycle.

employee challenges

We sought to identify a common solution to these pressing challenges. We discovered that psychological safety is the common solution. Indeed, employee challenges are the result of insufficient well-calibrated risk-taking, particularly the type that involves speaking up, suggesting new solutions, and experimenting with new approaches. To overcome these employee challenges, well-calibrated risk-taking is critical. And well-calibrated risk-taking is only achievable in a work environment that priorities psychological safety – where individuals feel safe to take interpersonal risks within their team.

Reveal–EX™, our proprietary solution, addresses these employee challenges by offering a single overarching solution. We uniquely decodify psychological safety into three enablers and six measures, providing a truly implementable approach to measuring and embedding psychological safety into a company’s cultural DNA. We understand that each company faces its own constraints, such as cultural idiosyncrasies, resource limitations, and contextual pressures, which may impact its ability to embed psychological safety. To ensure success, we work closely with companies to recognise these constraints and articulate their strategic objectives, aligning them with psychological safety as a fundamental aspect of their culture.

How Reveal–EX™ is structured


Reveal–EX™ enables companies to reap clear bottom-line dividends, including improved engagement and productivity, improved creativity and innovation, improved retention and attraction rates, improved (hybrid) culture, and improved consumer outcomes. Reveal–EX™ helps drive performance at the individual, team, and organisational levels.

Reveal–EX™ is underpinned by innovation to truly solve employee challenges. Innovation means that Reveal–EX™ is based on best-in-class strategic consulting and behavioural science expertise. Innovation means that Reveal–EX™ is based on the most valid and integrous scientific evidence. Innovation means that Reveal–EX™ is based on delivering real-world results.


For more information about our employee experience solution,  Reveal–EX™, and how we can help your business, please get in touch with our Innovation & Strategy Director, Dr Alexandra Dobra-Kiel.

Alexandra’s expertise is in fusing strategy consulting with behavioural science to help companies be focused, relevant, and resilient. Prior to Behave, Alexandra worked at Deloitte, where she was Banking & Capital Markets Insight Lead for the UK, and started her career at Accenture, where she was seconded to Nesta. Alexandra is a regular speaker at conferences and private forums, an author in practitioner journals, and a commentator in the press. Alexandra holds a PhD from Warwick and a master’s from Cambridge. https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexandradobrakiel/ 

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