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It is no secret that Amazon is an ever growing e-commerce giant, flourishing as more and more Amazon business sellers join the site. With this increase in competition, it is imperative that individual sellers continue to optimise their Amazon listings and get to grips with the Amazon marketplace in order to stand out from the ever growing crowd.

Amazon listing optimization is a formatting process that allows for your products to increase in rank within Amazon search results. Optimizations include but are not limited to implementing keywords that consumers are likely to search for, or making changes to the product title, image and description. The higher your product ranks within search results, the more likely users are to click through and purchase, thus having a great impact on boosting sales.

Amazon does not, however, make the ‘seller central platform’ the easiest to navigate. That is why we use the smartest technology to simplify the Amazon selling experience for you, by making it an automated process.

Audit Tool

The Audit Tool generates a comprehensive analysis of your Amazon advertising campaigns and accounts. Using the latest innovation in artificial intelligence it automatically pulls invaluable insights that can be used to improve your Amazon performance. This process allows you to focus on other important areas of your business, while the automation procedure scans for potential opportunities the human eye might have missed.

The audit takes an in depth look into areas of the Amazon campaign that you are looking to optimise by reporting on the following features;

  • Wasted spend – Looking into how much expenditure was wasted per match type, to  significantly improve the cost effectiveness of future ad campaigns.
  • Missed revenue – An insight into potential revenue that was lost which could have been valuable to the business. You can use these learnings to monitor future commercial opportunities so that you don’t miss them again.
  • Budget efficiency – How to make those budgets big or small work the hardest to reduce wastage.
  • Overlapping keywords – Highlights where keywords have been duplicated across match types so that you can look to diversify and add other high volume keywords.
  • Branded vs unbranded search term analysis – Identifies any potential keyword opportunities for future campaigns that will help expand your reach.
  • Select individual campaigns or brands – Takes a deeper dive into your campaigns or brands for a greater understanding.

These useful insights can then be converted into actions to help achieve business goals, including increasing sales. In order to see continued improvements, we recommend revisiting wider campaign goals and the overall strategy to ensure cohesion of advertising. This also gives you the ability to squeeze every potential opportunity out of all aspects of the business. To implement all features, you may need to seek advice from where your campaign is managed to ensure you are getting the best out of it.

Frequent audits are also a good way to ensure your campaigns are constantly evolving, staying ahead of competitors and reaching full business potential. Depending on the size of your business this could be anything from bi-weekly to monthly audits to keep your Amazon advertising working as advantageously as possible.

Analytics Tool

Our Analytics Tool allows all decision making data on one dashboard with a customer and retail analytics platform that provides deep insights into consumer behaviour. 

Designed to address the demands of users and provide a solution to the inadequacy of relational database management systems, the streamline console provides thorough insights. This includes providing contextual analysed data on revealing sales, repeat purchases and brand loyalty, market basket, customer lifetime value and mapping techniques that identify statistically significant geo-hotspots.  

In clustering all data sources within the Amazon ecosystem in this way, you can categorise business critical information. This will help achieve objectives, including but not limited to specific growth goals, hit objectives for customers and sales and generate business prospects.

Understand your buyer personas to drive business success

Through the collected data gathered via user research, web analytics and first-party data, most brands should have a deep understanding of the key traits that each of their customer persona segments have. 

To better understand these personas, our tool allows you to dive deep into evolving buyer behaviour, personal motivations and changing preferences based on the analysis of real customers and presents them across product categories. This allows stakeholders to increase sales and margins through insights that help engage with different consumers and drive efficient marketing spend. 

Calculate Repeat Purchase Frequency

  • Develop strategies that acquire new customers and retain existing audiences while maintaining profit margins by measuring customer lifetime value (CLV). The comparison of customer’s revenue value, to predicted customer lifespan will provide new tactics for uplifting total business revenue.
  • Through purchase behaviour, identify opportunities and products that lead to higher value purchases in the future.
  • Use insights from purchases, customer behaviour and products to adjust marketing spend to higher CLV products.

Sales Data Analysis

  • Calculate how responsible marketing is for leading revenue growth and explore the relationship between marketing spend and the final result of product sales.
  • Explore the relationship between what products sell to when they sell by revealing the time/ day/ week or month that specific products are bought. These insights provide optimising strategies that determine where marketing spend will sit across channels.

Market Basket Analysis of Consumers

  • Explore items bought by customers and identify which products are analysed by the consumer and compared with other brands to uncover associations between them and which they prefer to ultimately buy.
  • Undertake market basket analysis and uncover regular item sets to pursue bundling opportunities.

Geo-Hotspot Analysis 

  • Develop a marketing plan of action by replicating the strategies of successful marketing campaigns, involving the geo-location of cities/ regions that react well to the marketing tactics and studying areas that tend to under-perform in order to create or adjust an effective marketing strategy.
  • Assess the results of your Amazon marketing strategy and activities by studying the impact it has on non-Amazon marketing channels.

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