we drive sustainable growth through our deep understanding of your target customers

We are behavioural business consultants that specialise in accelerating companies ambitions by understanding people and influencing behaviours at pace. Through our specialist knowledge and tools designed to understand your business & your consumers, we significantly reduce failure rates and increase potential return.

From identifying key growth audiences to ensuring your brand resonates with your target audience, we deliver a range of services tailored to scale your business growth at any point in your journey. With a heritage that goes back 40 years, we have helped launch fast growth technology brands, such as Amazon, TikTok & Slack, to scale up forward thinking products like Nakd Bars, Maximuscle & No. 3 Gin.


brands we have helped launch and grow


Unbelievable now, but TikTok was relatively unknown in Europe and had reached a plateau. TikTok needed to appeal to a larger demographic to accelerate its growth. We identified that their current activity was actually putting their audience off and encouraged them to pause their advertising until we found the audiences and messages that would work by market. We ran mass scale sentiment analysis to uncover key areas of interest and influence that resonated with this audience to successfully focus its investment and transform perceptions to make TikTok the social phenomenon it is today.



Wanting to launch into a highly competitive UK market, amongst the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime & Disney+, and with significantly less marketing investment, our behavioural insights found a unique audience to target which led BritBox to smashing their growth objectives and consequently we have helped them launch in multiple markets across Europe, the US and Australasia. 



Facing increased competition from tech giants including Google, Facebook & Microsoft, Slack were in a race against time to establish themselves in Europe. Identifying that Slack users are not defined by simple demographics, instead we uncovered a new audience based on a distinct and unifying personality profile which was successfully targeted through media to scale their business and prove itself as a leading business communication platform.



Paysafe wanted to understand the ROI opportunity from paid advertising in the growing North American iGaming space.  Through a deeper understanding of State specific brand and proposition understanding we were able to identify and recommend the key trigger point relationship between Operator acceptance, High Value customer awareness and Media performance required before paid media investment would be recommended – allowing available resource to be better invested in further growing Paysafe’s Skrill brand footprint.  We have subsequently modelled scenarios for approaches in their top international markets.